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HostingCity's network is owned and operated by its parent company,
Our data center, network, and customer service is world class.


Our network is flexible enough to meet each of our client's unique requirements. This ability comes from utilizing multiple, scalable and redundant connections to Tier 1 providers allowing us to provide 99.99% uptime on a customer's connection from 1 Mbps to GigE (1000 Mbps).

Around the clock security includes:

Closed circuit video monitoring (inside & outside the facility)
Alarmed doors with secure card-key access
Man-trap restricted access to the data floor
Secure locking equipment enclosures (cabinets or cages)

Building and environmental alarms are monitored 24x7 by staff in our Network Operations Center (NOC). Video surveillance tapes are archived and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure procedural consistency.

HostingCity's Marlboro, MA facility is designed and equipped to provide over 200 watts of power per square foot of data center space via dual independent power systems, each backed by it's own bank of Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSs). Each bank of UPSs includes n+1 redundancy. Our three-phase UPS is among the largest single-site American Power Conversion installations in the United States, and can power the entire datacenter at full load.

Within one minute of a commercial power failure HostingCity's diesel generators smoothly pick up the load from the UPSs and keep our network and your servers functioning without interruption for the duration of the commercial power failure. During an extended commercial power outage the diesel generators provide power using the five thousand gallons of diesel fuel securely stored on site. Fuel suppliers are on standby to provide additional service.
Environmental Control

To ensure the sensitive infrastructure within our facilities maintains a stable temperature, ServerCity N+1-configured HVAC systems from Liebert are conditioned for optimal performance. ServerCity has multiple chillers and Computer Room AC (CRAC) units to provide air conditioning to meet ServerCity's N+1 redundancy requirements.

Our state-of-the-art fire suppression systems rely on a FM-200 inert gas structure designed to protect servers and other delicate equipment. The backup system is a dry-charged, pre-action method designed to isolate the event, protect the physical facility, and leave unaffected systems untouched.

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